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Quagga Mussel Alert!

By action of the Board of Supervisors, all vessels launching into any Lake County waters must participate in the county's mandatory screening and sticker program, with inspection and decontamination if necessary. Local residents must renew their stickers annually, visitors monthly. More info

Or call the Mussel Hotline,
263 2556

To report possible violators or suspected contamination call the Sheriff at
263 8656 or 911




Say NO! to the "State of Jefferson"

Some Siskiyou County right-wing extremists want Lake County to support the formation of a "State of Jefferson." This new state would instantly become the most impoverished in the United States, bankrupt at birth. Geographically isolated, sparsely populated, and economically disadvantaged, it would be unable to fund public education, highways, parks, or law enforcement to anything remotely approaching an acceptable standard. This silly idea offers no advantages to the residents of Lake County. So it was appalling when on February 17 3015 the Lake BOS appeared to have voted to support the county's secession from California to jump onto this sinking ship. Fortunately this ambiguous action was reversed at the March 3 meeting, when the Board decided to put an advisory vote on the November 2016 ballot and then unambiguously rejected on December 15 when they decided that the proponents should have to circulate petitions if they wanted to conduct a local vote.

To help defeat this terrible idea

By the way, be sure to check out the appalling racist remarks made by chief spokesperson Mark Baird


DECEMBER 1, 6:30-8PM -- third in the Marymount Lakeside Campus (3700 Country Club Dr, Lucerne) fall Distinguished Speaker Series, "Grape to Glass," featuring a presentation by Robert Bath, professor of Wine and Beverage Studies at the Culinary Institute on local sources of food products paired with Lake County wines. For more information, download the flyer or call 888 991 5253 and leave a message.

DECEMBER 6, 11AM -- Redbud Audubon work day to install an osprey platform at Lake County Land Trust's Rodman Slough Preserve. The job entails carrying and tilting up a 20 ft. tall 6"x6" post with a platform attached: six moderately strong people can do it, and the job shouldn't take more than 2-3 hours max. Please call Tom McFarling at 994-5490 if you can help, or if Saturday December 10 would be preferable.

DECEMBER 10 -- Sierra Club hike on the Glen Eden Trail. Fairly steep trail rewarded with great views including Clear Lake, Snow Mountain, Hull Mountain, Goat Rock area, and recovery of the areas affected by the Summer 2012 fire. Bring water and lunch. Meet 10 AM. 8 miles out Scotts Valley Road from the 11th Street/Scotts Valley Road exit off Highway 29 in Lakeport (approx. 2 miles from Hwy 20 at Blue Lakes). Call to reserve. Leader Paul Farley 263-9320. Heavy rain cancels (call).

DECEMBER 15, 7PM -- Redbud Audubon meeting at St Peter's Catholic Church, 4085 Main St in Kelseyville. Local birding expert Brad Barnwell will give a presentation featuring Lake County's amazing birds in preparation for the December 18 bird count.
DECEMBER 17, 8AM -- Redbud Audubon Society 39th annual Christmas bird count. Participants are encouraged to attend a pre-count briefing by Brad Barnwell at 7PM on December 15, at the Kelseyville Catholic Church, and also to call 263 8030 for more information.

JANUARY 1, 2017, 12PM -- start the new year right, with a First Day hike at Anderson Marsh State Historic Park. Two choices of hikes are offered, one of nearly 8 miles round trip, and the other about 3 1/2 miles, both on easy terrain: bring water and snacks and binoculars, and wear sturdy shoes and a hat. Rain cancels. For more info call 995 2658 or email

JANUARY 18, 7PM -- Sierra Club meeting at the Lower Lake Methodist Church, 16255 Second St. Dr Harry Lyons will discuss the biology, economics, and politics of the Middle Creek Marsh Wetland Restoration Project, a multi agency endeavor which when implemented will add 1400 acres of wetland to the Clear Lake watershed, improve wildlife habitat and reduce nutrient input to the lake. Dr. Lyons, as a member of the Middle Creek Restoration Coalition, has joined other citizens in an effort to generate the endless patience and political push to remove roadblocks. To encourage patience and push, Dr. Lyons will perform a relevant tune or two. As always, the meeting is free and open to the public: for more information contact Chair Ed Robey at 994 8304 or

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