Proposal: subdivide 50 acres into 91 single-family lots to create an age-delimited retirement community on the walnut orchard in the center of Buckingham peninsula.

Land is currently zoned Suburban Residential; address is 8200 & 8250 Orchard Dr

Applicant: Spike Wheeler, Shellanu Development, 403 N. Fulton St, Ojai, CA 93023

Issues are mostly infrastructure: Buckingham Park Water District will require an upgrade (a moratorium on building within this district is currently in place); no sewage connections are available so houses would all be on septic; water pressure for fire hydrants is inadequate; roads can't handle the increased traffic. Although a perimeter foot trail is proposed, there is no provision for common open space, because as a retirement community "the residents are not likely to have need for such use." Comment letters from the Sierra Club and Buckingham Homes Association were submitted on a previous (2004) application on this property. Current Sierra Club comments and an additional Homeowners Association letter of 1/2/07 are also available.

EIR requested.