Eachus View Estates: Proposal: create 4 single-family residential lots on approximately 11 acres of an 87 acre property on prime agricultural soils and zoned ag, leaving the remainder (76 acres +/-) in ag zoning.

Property is located on the south side of Hill Road just west of Highway 29 (ie outside the North Lakeport urban growth boundaries.

Applicant: Mark Mitchell, 1855 North High Street, Lakeport 95453

The primary issue is the ag rezone required, and others include impacts on the Scotts Valley aquifer, possible destruction of rare plants and other biological resources, impact on Eachus Lake and associated wetlands, and unwise growth inducements. Planning Commission was going to reject the project (6/14/07) but the applicant withdrew it for revision and subsequently downsized from 8 lots to 5 -- a minimal revision that nonetheless led to a 3/2 vote for approval on September 27, 2007. Neighbors since appealed to the Board of Supervisors, which on February 5, 2008 (continued from January 15) voted 3/2 to support the appeal, reverse the Planning Commission approval, and reject the project.

It was then downsized yet again, to 3 lots (one to remain in Agricultural zoning) approved by the Planning Commission by the previous margin (June 12, 2008) and again appealed to the BOS by the Sierra Club. That appeal will be heard by the Supervisors at 3:15PM on Tuesday October 21, 2008.

See Sierra Club comments of June 27, 2007 and June 9, 2008; Farm Bureau comments of January 10, 2008 and May 15, 2008; and the Sierra Club's grounds for appeal.