Lakeview Heights Estates: Proposal: create 85 single-family lots, two multi-family lots, and commercial space on approximately 40 acres. Ten acres, including oak woodlands and part of the Lyons Creek riparian corridor, would remain open space, possibly given to the county for a park.

Land runs along the east side of Highway 29 south of Robin Hill Drive, within the North Lakeport urban growth boundaries. Address: 899 Whalen Way, 5456 Landscaster Rd, 1025 Downing Dr..

Applicant: Argonaut Properties, 762 Clearlake Ave, Lakeport

Issues include hitch spawning habitat, esthetic impacts to Highway 29, lack of water hookups, and (by far the most important) the cumulative effects of the various subdivision proposals now in the works in North Lakeport. EIR requested; see Sierra Club comment letter.