Proposal: create a gated community with 56 rather large single family lots, and 75 townhouses on 86.5 acres. There is a small lake and identified archeological sites on the land; plan includes a a substantial amount of open space, recreational areas, and wildlife corridors.

Location: just west of the highway 29/53 intersection, with present addresses on Marsh View Way and Kugelman St, and additional access proposed from Anderson Marsh Parkway.

Existing Rural Residential/PDC; PDR proposed.

Applicant: Ridgeview Development, 4752 Olivewood Lane, San Bernardino, CA 92407

In many respects this seems to be an extremely well-designed subdivision incorporating a number of excellent features: the problem is that the site abuts Anderson Marsh State Park, which could be subject to negative impacts. See Sierra Club letter 0f June 15, 2007 for mitigation recommendations: EIR recommended.