Proposal: 26 single family lots ranging in size from .39 acres to 1.62 acres, with a 2.72 acre remainder (total lot size not specified).

Location: north Lakeport, 3755 & 3725 Lakeshore Blvd

Existing zoning split between Rural Residential & Single Family Residential; application requires rezone to Suburban Residential.

Applicant: Dave Clark/Craig Rosenquist; C&R Construction & Development; 7820 Bell Rd, Windsor, CA

Steep site with extensive serpentine outcroppings and identified rare plants, also landslide/erosion issues. Original application for a townhouse development, downsizeed to 120 units and redesigned to avoid sensitive areas was rejected by Planning Commission 7/28/06 because of inadequate roadways. New application 12/07 for 26 single family lots: Sierra Club opposed since this version would preserve no open space and make avoidance of sensitive areas impossible since some of the lots contain virtually nothing else. See comment letter of January 8, 2008.