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Updated May 25th

I'm going to let this page take the place of the LCPA Newsletter I used to write.


Currently my big push is for getting the petitions signed.

I highly recommend that you read Dennis's pages on his website and the section on Issues. His PLAN TO GET OUT OF IRAQ WOULD WORK and is deserving of attention. Because as you know, the Republicrat argument is that, "We can't cut & run!" (of course, staying there and killing hundreds of people and exposing everyone to depleted uranium is the right thing to do). And "We have to stay the course - for the sake of our honor"... (we have honor now?) I've even been told that the UN can't do the job... they're too weak. (I wonder what made them weak- couldn't have had anything to do with the US undermining and ignoring them and all international treaties for the last 4 years...)

But Dennis's plan is much better than anything else I've heard. First we must profoundly apologize and admit we were wrong! (Firing Rumsfeld would help too - we'll fire the rest of them in November) Then we must turn complete control over to the UN - that means control of the contracts for rebuilding too. And when the UN peace keepers take over, bring ALL our troops home. They are targets for the anger and hatred that creates terrorists - and victims of our own depleted uranium (remember Agent Orange?) Bush is asking for how many more billions for his war? Give it to the UN to strengthen them. We owe it to them and the world to rebuild Iraq - our money but not our control.

Currently we have two excellent ways to tell the Democrats that we want to see a Peace plank in the platform. First is to help collect a million signatures on the petitions that Kucinich is going to present to the Platform committee. There are now six of them:
1. Get out of Iraq and get the UN in
2. Universal, single payer health care
3. Repeal the Patriot Act
4. Jobs and Fair Trade (quit NAFTA & the WTO)
5. Establish a Dept. of Peace in the US Cabinet
6. Support LGBT rights
You can download and print these petitions and explanations. Unfortunately we have only until June 1st to get them in to Kucinich headquarters. I'm going to be collecting signatures on the 31st and won't get them in the mail until the 1st but I think they'll accept them.


The other great plan is at Basically this is a pledge to put in so many hours a week working on Kerry's (the presumed candidate) campaign AFTER THE CONVENTION AND BEFORE THE ELECTION, about 14 weeks. You pledge this time IF any one of a number of your preferences are included in the Democratic Platform. You have about 30 choices to select from including the six listed above. I chose five - someone else chose about 20 (they're all good policy wishes for our country).

There's lots of activity in the next few weeks leading up to the convention including a visit in Berkeley from Dennis himself. Details are posted on the home page under "Upcoming Events".

Hope is still out there and his name is Dennis Kucinich. He's still plugging away for us, trying to get our issues heard.

Shirley -

"It isn't enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn't enough to believe in it. ONE MUST WORK AT IT." Eleanor Roosevelt

May 14, 2004