List of Principal Tributaries to Clear Lake

# creek location
1 Cole Begins at McIntire Ranch on Highway 175; travels through Kelseyville along western base on Mt. Konocti to Clear Lake State Park
2 Kelsey Headwaters on Cobb
3 McGaugh Located in center of Big Valley at lowest elevation
3a Hill Headwaters on bench land south of Big Valley; tributary to McGaugh Slough
4 Adobe Headwaters in Mayacamas Range; travels western side of Big Valley past Highland Springs, Finley, and Rancho de la Fuente
5 Thompson Headwaters near Lampson airport; travels through western part of Big Valley to Clear Lake
6 Manning Headwaters near Highway 175 on Hopland Grade; travels western edge of Big Valley behind commercial buildings on Soda Bay Road to Clear Lake
7 Forbes Headwaters west of Lakeport; travels past Fairgrounds down Martin St to Will-O-Point resort
8 Lyons Headwaters west of Juvenile Hall areas west of Highway 29; enters Clear Lake near old Lakeside Hospital
9 Robinson Headwaters west of Highway 29 where freeway ends; enters Rodman Slough near Robinson Rancheria
10 Scotts Headwaters on Cow Mountain; travels sougherly several miles and turns northerly into Scotts Valley; passes south end of Blue lakes; travels along southern edge of Tule Lake south of Highway 20 to Middle Creek and Rodman Slough
10a Hendricks Tributary to Scotts Creek
10b Pool

Tributary to Scotts Creek

11 Middle headwaters in Mendocino National Forest; flows near Elk Mountain Road, west of Upper Lake to Rodman Slough
12 Clover Headwaters above Clover Valley Northeast of Upper Lake; flows through town of Upper Lake, save for portion diverted by levees to Middle Creek north of town
12a Alley Tributary of Clover Creek
13 Morrison Headwaters in hills above Lucerne and travels through town to Clear Lake
14 Schindler Headwaters in High Valley above Clearlake Oaks; travels to the Clearlake Keys
15 Burns Valley Headwaters east of the city of Clearlake; travels through the city across Olympic past Austin Beach to Clear Lake
16 Copsey Headwaters southeast of Lower Lake; discharges to Cache Creek
17 Seigler Canyon headwaters on Mt. Hannah near Seigler Springs; travels along Highway 29 past Lower Lake and across Highway 29 from Anderson Marsh State Park to Cache Creek