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Special Event September 20

At 2 PM on Saturday September 20 the Citizens Coalition will host a matching fundraiser for District 1 supervisoral candidate Susanne La Faver at the offices of Katzoff & Riggs, 9779 Broadmoor in the Riviera.

Coalition board members have pledged, to date, to match up to $10,000 (with a possibility of more) in contributions from all others that are made to the Coalition and are designated as contributions to Susanne¹s campaign. Those who wish to participate but who can't attend the September 20 event may mail their checks, payable to ³Lake County Citizens Coalition² to P. O. Box 1409, Lower Lake, CA 94957.  Contributions will be applied to the event if received in the box not later than Friday September 19, 2008.

Contact Robert Riggs for more information.


The Lake County Citizens Coalition was founded in 2001 in response to a crisis associated with the Snows Lake Vineyard.

The Coalition today is dedicated to helping the County of Lake adopt and follow a sustainable, long-term policy with regard to all of the varied forces of growth and land development that are affecting the County almost daily. Its participants are united in the perception that our local governments have too often failed to fulfill their responsibility to the County's citizens to engage in sound planning and growth management. They believe that Lake County is a beautiful place to live, work, raise children, and retire. The County is not in need of "quick fixes" which come at the expense of our quality of life. Coalition participants come from all walks of life, all political persuasions, and from all parts of the County.

From its inception, the Coalition participants have understood that Lake County is a "do-it-yourself" kind of place where citizens can make a difference, if they choose to become involved in solving a problem. Faced with a brush-off attitude by County Supervisors, the Coalition has demonstrated an ability to take political action by successfully supporting candidates who step forward to advocate a sound planning agenda.

One such candidate is Denise Rushing, recently elected to serve as Lake County's District 3 supervisor. The Coalition was Denise's largest financial supporter. Denise was an outspoken supporter of a proposal to place a moratorium on approval of new development projects until the County's long-overdue general plan update is in place. Her defeated opponent, incumbent supervisor Gary Lewis, opposed the moratorium and publicly supported sprawling projects that are contrary to the County's general plan, such as the proposed Cristallago project west of Lakeport.

The Coalition encourages anyone in Lake County who agrees with the Coalition's mission to participate in the Coalition. Much of the Coalition's activity is conducted on line through E-Mails. The Coalition participants also sponsors gatherings, which have in the past been addressed by local supervisors and supervisoral candidates. In 2007, the Coalition is planning to invite newly appointed County officials with planning responsibilities.

The Coalition operates under the governance of a five-member Board of Directors. The current Board chair is Robert Riggs. Other officers include Karen Gekas, Treasurer, and Stacey Kenneally, Secretary.



1. Lake County, with Clear Lake itself at its heart, is a quality place to live and work. The Coalition is dedicated to keeping it that way. The County's people, wildlife, and natural environment are all matters of common concern. Property rights of individuals and businesses are important and must be respected. Given the County's location and resources, development is inevitable. However, it is very important that development should occur in a sustainable fashion that does not unreasonably diminish the quality of the County.

2. The Coalition will work to elect public officials to represent and support this policy.

3. The Coalition will organize itself to support and represent the overwhelming majority of Lake County residents and voters, who favor this policy

4. The Coalition will focus on networking other organizations, County wide, to support this critical policy and to assist in electing public officials who will strongly represent it.

Lake County Citizens Coalition ... PO Box 1409 ... Lower Lake, CA 95457 ... (707) 277-9200