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An application has been made to the Army Corps of Engineers for a permit allowing the developers to dredge and fill "3.44 acres of waters of the United States" as specified in the Provinsalia project application.

Public comment has been invited: please take a moment to email your concerns to the Corps, which is conducting its own independent investigation of environmental impacts, and to REQUEST A PUBLIC HEARING in the city of Clearlake. All comment letters should reference Application #SPK-2004-00904, and must be submitted no later than January 16.

The Sierra Club letter to the Army Corps is available on this site.

The proposed Provinsalia project would put 545 houses, 100 condominium units, and a nine-hole golf course on 292 acres located in the southeast corner of the City of Clearlake. The entire property consists of 510 acres, with the remaining land (not proposed for development at this time) outside the city limits and under the jurisdiction of the County of Lake. (To see a map of the general area, showing the boundaries of both the whole property and the area presently proposed for development, click here.) Cache Creek runs through the property, which completely surrounds the Clear Lake Dam. The terrain is, generally speaking, rolling to steep, with areas of native grassland alternating with stands of mature oak woodlands; there is much riparian habitat and several vernal pools. BLM land which was designated as Federal Wilderness in 2006 is is only a half mile away, on higher ground overlooking the proposed development.

The developer has been identified as "Lake County Resort Properties" (1176 Copper Verde Lane, Modesto, CA 95355), though actual ownership seems to involve several shadowy layers that include connections to Delaware and Mexico.

The environmental consequences of a project of this magnitude are many and various, including habitat destruction, increased traffic, demand for urban services, and noise, polluted runoff into Cache Creek, and degradation of archeological sites. For details, see the comment letters.

For more information, or to join the Provinsalia Committee mailing list, send an email to